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Looking after someone with an eating disorder can be very challenging for families and without the skills needed to do this, can bring on feelings of despair and isolation. This is why it is crucial that carers are introduced to the skills that will help them in achieving the best possible outcome for those they are looking after and to be able to survive the process!

Having these skills can enable carers to work more collaboratively with the professionals involved and research has shown that collaborative care makes for better recovery. We have also found that carers attending our workshops benefit enormously from the support of their fellow attendees both during and, in some cases, after the day itself.

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Comments from those previously attending workshops

“I have no hesitation at all in recommending Veronica. I have attended some brilliant workshops that she has organized, and it’s helped me enormously, to manage my life with an anorexic teenager in it. I have learned a great deal – anyone with any experience of living with an eating disorder sufferer, knows how horribly it takes over your life. Veronica is full of pearls of wisdom that can change perspectives – she’s amazing. I very much look forward to more … ” Carer

“Fascinating and very useful” Carer

“The workshops have been a real help” Carer

“It was very inspiring to hear how Henrietta had made her recovery”

“Many thanks for a powerful and helpful day”

“The workshop was of superb quality”