The London Carers’ Group

A Self Help Group run by and for Carers



  • Are you caring for someone suffering from an eating disorder?
  • Do you need support and access to information?
  • Do you need a listening ear?

Caring for someone with an Eating Disorder can be an enormous burden, bringing with it feelings of anger, fear, anxiety and isolation.

Self esteem and self confidence can be affected as you watch a loved one suffer from an illness that you often feel powerless to do anything about, and you may feel unable to deal with the resulting family stresses.

Feelings of powerlessness can often stem from not knowing where to get help, or from being unable to exchange ideas with somebody else who is going through a similar crisis.

Carers need to look after their own well being as they play a very important part in, and can have a very positive effect on, the recovery of those they look after.

The purpose of the London Carers Group is to provide a mutually supportive and confidential environment for sharing experiences and ideas.

By coming to The London Carers Group, we hope that you’ll gain inspiration from:

  • Sharing with others and learning from their experiences
  • Exploring new ways of dealing with the problems
  • Benefiting from the information and literature you receive

Through its links with beat and service providers the group co-ordinators can also feed back carer’s experiences of service provision and how they feel it could be improved.

All carers of people with an Eating Disorder or those living with someone who they think might have an Eating Disorder are welcome.

BELOW ARE THE DATES FOR THE MEETINGS IN 2018                                                                       

  •                                       15th August
  •                                    19th September
  •                                      17th October
  •                                       21st November
  •                                     19th December    

We meet from 7.00pm-9.00pm in the The Fitzrovia Room, at Park Crescent Conference Centre, International Students House, 229 Great Portland Street, London W1W 5PN  and there is wheelchair access. The nearest tube stations are Great Portland Street and Regent’s Park. There is a small charge of £7, which helps to pay for the venue.

Some people coming to a Carers Group may think of it as a daunting experience. The London Carers’ Group has been running since June 2003 and understands that a listening ear and somewhere where people can talk in confidence and will not be judged play a vital part in supporting those who care for someone with an Eating Disorder.

Feelings of despair, isolation, guilt and loneliness are just some of the emotions that may occur when caring for someone with an eating disorder. The London Carers’ Group offers a warm and friendly welcome and, hopefully, the support that will benefit you and those that you are caring for.

If you would like to bring any relatives or friends to the group, they would be very welcome.

The Group has a variety of presentations throughout the year.

Our email address is:

For further information, contact:

Debbie Klein
M: 07976 368073
Mondays 10.00am-12.00pm
Liz Pallant
M:07961 117995
Tuesdays 2.00pm-4.00pm

Veronica Kamerling

07733 260475


 Sonia Parsons

07746 684489

If no one is available on the telephone please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.   

Suggested Reading

  • Second Edition by Professor Janet Treasure, Grainne Smith and Anna Crane. Published by Routledge.
    This book is a great resource for carers, giving them an insight into some of the skills needed when caring for someone with an Eating Disorder.
  • Anorexia Nervosa: Hope for Recovery
    by Dr Agnes Ayton. Published by Hammersmith Press.
    This book is both interesting and informative as well as being an easy read. A lot of the content, under a variety of headings, answers many of the questions carers often ask.


  • How to Care for Someone with an Eating Disorder. The New Maudsley Approach. To obtain a copy of the  DVD go to

For information on current workshops or events please click here

The London Carers’ Group is supported by B-eat.

You can contact beat at: 0300 123 3355
Helpline for Adults: 0808 801 0677


Helpline for young people: 0808 801 0711



DISCLAIMER: This is a self help group run for families and friends. It is a voluntary group and it is hoped that members will find it of value but in no way can this forum provide or be construed to provide medical or professional advice. Members attend on the understanding that any judgments or decisions they might make are their own responsibility.